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ImbeCon is a Professional Hospitality Consulting Business that specialises in Liquor License & Business License Applications and Renewals. We ensure our clients have a fluid and symbiotic working relationship. We alleviate clients’ stress and afford them the opportunity to focus on their Business while we offer various Support Structures.

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Liquor License Renewals

It is required by Law that a Liquor License granted by a Province’s Liquor Authority (Kwa-Zulu Natal Liquor Authority in KZN) be renewed on an annual basis. An Application for the Renewal of the aforementioned License is to be submitted 6 months prior to the Renewal date.

The necessary Supporting Documents, including a valid and current SAPS name clearance certificate is also to be submitted with the Application in order to show that the Business and its Directors/Shareholders remain in good standing with the Law and various applicable government Departments.

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Past & Present clients who have made use of the services ImbeCon Consulting has to offer include Franchisees of Parklane Cafe, Parklane SuperSpar, Spur Steak Ranches, RocoMamas, John Dory’s, Engen, Barcelos, Krispy Kreme, RibCo, Mozambik & Mochachos.

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