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A Liquor License is, as implied by its name, a License for the sale and service of alcohol to members of the public. As is known by any individual who has attempted to procure a Liquor License, that this is a very difficult and complicated process, requiring a large number of Supporting Documents.

Liquor License

It is further required that a Business be in good standing with other Government Departments, and that its Directors and or Shareholders be in good standing with the Law. Once obtained, a Liquor License is treated with much care and respect, with the conditions for the License requiring discipline and enforcement by the establishment and its Proprietors in order to ensure that the liquor License is not abused and potentially lost. For most Businesses, the loss of their Liquor License would be crippling to their trade, and may ultimately result in closure. As such, proprietors of these establishments will usually do everything they can to ensure that no laws are violated in their establishment.

In order to enforce this sense of value, Liquor Licenses are generally limited in number and have very high fees associated with their acquisition. Unlike a driver’s license, which is relatively easy to acquire, limiting the number of liquor licenses and making them difficult to obtain makes them exceptionally valuable and sought after. Therefore, Restaurants and Bars cannot simply obtain a Liquor License, but must strive towards acquiring this and therefore take stringent steps to protect this valuable Liquor License.

Liquor Licenses are issued differently in each Province. In KZN a Liquor License is issued by the Kwa-Zulu Natal Liquor Authority following a thorough analysis of the submitted required Application and its associated Supporting Documents supplied by the Applicant. Once the Liquor License has been received, the Licensing process makes it possible for Government to enforce laws regarding the sale and service of alcohol that would otherwise be difficult to monitor.

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